Speed your way into the Automotive RADAR application space with NXP solutions

The automotive Radio Detection and Ranging (radar) global market is estimated to reach almost $8B USD in 2021, playing an important role in enabling driverless cars. NXP is leading the way with radar solution development and has developed a dedicated reference design for Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) and Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB) applications. The RDK-S32R274 Radar reference design offers a complete automotive radar solution including a high-performance MCU, a 77 GHz radar transceiver, and automotive-qualified radar software.

This webinar will provide an in-depth understanding of the global radar market and how the RDK-S32R274 can make a substantial impact on your product development cycle. We will also explore the out-of-the-box experience and the development environment, together with some compelling “real world” examples.

What the registrant will learn by attending the webinar:

  • Learn more about the “out-of-the-box” experience for the RDK-S32R27: from box opening to making material sensor measures.
  • Explore the development environment, enabling customers to modify the characteristics of the sensor.
  • Visually see the sensor working in a real-world environment, giving a compelling example of sensor performance.


Roger Keen Radar Segment Director, NXP Semiconductors

Roger Keen is the Radar segment Director for the Automotive Microcontroller Group, responsible for the product marketing of radar solutions targeted for the automotive ADAS market segment, enabling a smarter vehicle of tomorrow. He has more than 19+ years of industry experience, having a strong understanding of semiconductor manufacturing coupled with key insights to the fast-growing ADAS market segments within Automotive.

Roger holds a Masters of Electrical Engineering from Iowa State University along with Motorola six sigma certifications.