Protect connected cars from cybersecurity threats

Automakers are observing a multi-fold increase in cyber-security incidents. These internet-based threats include packets with malicious connection states, contents or sources, denial of service (DoS) attacks, broadcast storms and packet flood conditions. That calls for a multilayered approach to ensure vehicle security as well as overall vehicle safety and reliability.

In this on-demand webinar we discuss practical design examples from in-production OEM flagship projects which contain a system-level framework for secure communications by integrating a firewall into existing ECU systems. We will also discuss the role of authentication and encryption in secure communication as well as how digital certificates and PKI enable strong identities to support secure communication between vehicles and external systems


Dr. Ahmed Majeed Khan
Dr. Ahmed Majeed Khan is an engineering enthusiast, experienced in working with cross-functional groups to push the envelope of technology implemented in diverse automotive and consumer electronic domains. Having a proficiency to manage onshore and off-shore development of innovative and disruptive products, he led teams around the globe to produce several high volume, high quality system-level solutions. Currently, Dr. Khan is a Senior Engineering Manager at Mentor – A Siemens Business, where he assisted in creation of a market-leading automotive-grade product portfolio. He is also Mentor’s focal point towards international automotive software consortium of AUTOSAR. He holds a doctorate in Engineering Management from George Washington University, an MS in Electrical Engineering from Michigan State University and has over a decade of experience working with embedded systems.

Alan Grau
Alan has 30 years of experience in telecommunications and the embedded software marketplace. He is VP of IoT, Embedded Solutions at Sectigo (formerly Comodo CA), the world’s largest commercial Certificate Authority and provider of purpose-built, automated PKI solutions. Alan joined Sectigo in May 2019 as part of the company’s acquisition of Icon Labs, a leading provider of security software for IoT and embedded devices, where he was CTO and co-founder, as well as the architect of Icon Labs’ award-winning Floodgate Firewall. He is a frequent industry speaker and blogger and holds multiple patents related to telecommunication and security. Prior to founding Icon Labs, he worked for AT&T Bell Labs and Motorola. Alan has an MS in computer science from Northwestern University.