Managing the Data Risks Associated with Unmanned Critical Missions

Unmanned vehicles hold great promise for the future while also giving rise to new data security and data integrity challenges. When removing the human factor, we are even more reliant on technology to keep our data intact and protected.

Innodisk can address these issues not only at the hardware and firmware level, but also through software tools. This webinar delves into the challenges of unmanned vehicles and shows what technical solutions are available to safeguard your data, and if need be, enact full data destruction.

Attend this webinar to learn about
  • How to implement hardware data encryption and data destruction features
  • How to prevent data loss through firmware and hardware optimization
  • What role wide temperature plays in these situations
  • How these challenges can be solved by remote device management


Karen Lin Product Manager, Innodisk

Passionate about flash technology, Karen has been working on the flash team for more than 8 years at Innodisk and is currently involved in the process of developing flash solutions for the AIoT era.