How Serial Flash technology is evolving to meet the new requirements of AIoT designs

AIoT trend is now stretching the capabilities of almost every important category of electronic component used in industrial machines and systems. Non-volatile memory is being challenged to meet new requirements in AIoT designs in five main ways:

  • Cost
  • Size
  • Speed
  • Power consumption
  • Security

Non-volatile storage of code and data is one of many functional elements in industrial equipment, and as the AIoT trend towards ever greater digitization and data analytics gathers speed, the demand for higher non-volatile memory capacity, higher speed, lower power and lower cost will also intensify.

In this webinar, you will learn how Winbond introducing new solutions optimized for 4 innovations:

  1. Packaging- 2 in 1 SpiStack
  2. Power- 1.2V Serial NOR
  3. Performance- High Performance Serial NAND
  4. Security- Authentication Flash


Syed S. Hussain Director Segment Marketing, Winbond

He is responsible for the Industrial, IoT and automotive segments. He has helped THE company achieve its current top position in Serial-NOR flash and has been heavily involved with top-tier OEMs and chipset customers. He has experience in market awareness, product/company positioning, developing OEM/ODM designs, and management. He resides in Silicon Valley with three lovely kids.