How High-Performance Serial NAND Empowers Automotive Applications

Winbond’s High-Performance Serial NAND technology is the first in the world to run at 166 MHz and is well-suited for center-display and cluster segments in next-generation highly automated vehicles (HAVs) and other applications that require instant boot and high throughput. The W25N01JW High-Performance Serial NAND Flash memory IC can achieve 83-MB/s throughput, which can then be doubled by integrating dual-quad serial NAND.

The technology is automotive Grade 2 (AG2)-ready and available in WSON eight-pin, 24-ball BGA packages, the same as Serial NOR packages. This is important for automotive OEMs because more sophisticated graphics displays and larger display sizes of 7 inches and above are increasing system memory requirements. Serial NAND flash has a markedly lower unit cost than SPI NOR flash and occupies a smaller board area per megabit of storage capacity.



Syed Hussain Director Segment Marketing, Winbond

Syed Hussain is responsible for the industrial, IoT, and automotive segments. He has helped the company achieve its current top position in Serial NOR flash and has been heavily involved with top-tier OEMs and chipset customers. He has experience in market awareness, product/company positioning, developing OEM/ODM designs, and management.