EE Times’ Investor Forum @VivaTech 2019

The key to building a new wave of startups worldwide is in understanding how to combine existing strengths of industries with new ideas. It will also take the courage to make big bets on the future. In various parts of the world, companies are breaking new grounds and creating great opportunities for the future, especially in High-Tech. Do you know where you should be investing?

Watch our Webinar presenting some of the Startups that have presented at the EE Times´ Investor Forum at VivaTech 2019
Take a look at our Webinar introducing some Taiwan high-tech StartUps and Dr. Lewis Chen from Taiwan Tech Arena. Presenting StartUps:
  • BiiLabs
  • FaceHeart
  • Ludo
  • Iplus
  • iTech

EE Times’ view of the electronics industry is global. We take pride in knowing technology and the enabling environment in each region. Most important, we make it our job to anticipate – and articulate – the rapid and constant changes that affect markets, technologies and business models. EE Times’ focus is always on breaking down new developments and putting them into perspective.

During VivaTech 2019, we provided the European audiences an avenue to understand the technological value and the most amazing new ideas presented by Taiwanese start-ups. Taiwan high-tech many of its leading enterprises, including the No. 1 global silicon wafer supplier, Taiwan Semiconductor and Manufacturing Co. Ltd. (TSMC), the top contract manufacturer and leaders in displays, PCB production and other areas.

EE Times’ is aware that the next generation of companies that will break new grounds globally is already forming in Taiwan. Let us introduce you to them.

The Taiwan government has invested the resources in building a tech startup ecosystem in Taiwan, this policy has encouraged many startups to come up with some of the best innovative ideas and solution to emerged into the market. This year, the Ministry of Science and Technology has selected to promote the coolest innovation, services, and products in order to elevate Taiwan tech startup in the global market.


Here is a sampling of companies that have attended the EE Times Taiwan Investor Forum at VivaTech on Friday, May 17, 2019.


3drens aims to provide smart mobility solutions by using a vehicle intelligence platform. By collecting data from vehicles and getting useful information from drivers, mobility industries such as logistics and vehicle rental companies can manage assets and optimize operations. 
Accurate Meditech
Accurate Meditech Inc was founded in 2017. Its Accurate 24 is the world’s first sphygmomanometer, or blood pressure meter, that can be used during the night without disturbing the patient, can measure continuously for 24 hours, and can synchronize a patient’s vital signs with a doctor remotely at any time. The solution uses a pressure biosensor that measures physiological signals to obtain pulse-wave velocity data. Accurate Meditech’s unique algorithm then calculates physiological signs such as heart rate and blood pressure, as well as artery age. This method of remote health management makes people aware of their physical condition and allows them to improve their health through exercise and diet, potentially eliminating trips to the hospital for further examination. Researchers and developers hope to create additional products that will provide simple ways for people to monitor their health and take care of themselves.
PAIX was founded in 2015 with a vision of combining technology with everyday life. With the support of thousands of backers on Kickstarter in 2016, its first product, BACKPAIX, has come to market with a design and functionality intended to improve commuting. By bringing smart features to bags, PAIX hopes to make travel easier and more versatile.
BiiLabs is dedicated to developing distributed ledger technology to overcome challenges in the internet of everything era, including smart cities, energy management, and masked authenticated messaging digital identity systems. Its core technologies assist in the digital transformation of various industries and solve critical issues such as trust, security, growth, and efficiency for its clients. BiiLabs aims to be a leading technology provider in the internet of everything world.
CarKit AI
CarKit AI is an AI-based company that develops AIoT mobility infotainment devices that keeps drivers safe and entertained. Its first two products, Roxie and Roxie Karaoke, are in-car voice assistants that allow drivers to stay productive, entertained, and safe — all at the same time.
FaceHeart Inc. has developed an AI-based driver-monitoring solution called eBus to solve the problem of drowsy driving by alerting the driver if it senses that they are suffering from fatigue. Using a normal camera, the system can effectively monitor the physiology and behavior of drivers by facial detection and recognition. FaceHeart Inc. is committed to making everyone get home safe and sound.
With IPbook, IPlus offers a cost-reducing one-stop system for startups to create, manage, and commercialize their intellectual property and present it in a visualized and simplified way.
iTech, founded by Professor Shau-Gang Mao of National Taiwan University, is an expert in the areas of wireless communication and signal processing. Its technology has been recognized in the Macronix Golden Silicon Awards, the Texas Instruments Innovation Challenge, and the Innovative Electromagnetism Challenge. Its world-class scientists, engineers, and creators have a passion for staying on the forefront of technological innovation. iTech is a pioneer in adopting AI-powered technology that combines efficient hardware architecture and signal processors. The iShield drone-tracking technology developed by iTech was launched at CES 2018 with live demonstrations. iShield can detect errant drones and their operators simultaneously.
Lucid is a computer-vision AI company enabling 3D and depth applications to be more accessible for mobile, robotics, industrial, and other verticals. Its software has already been licensed and deployed to multiple devices, including RED Hydrogen One (a 3D holographic smartphone) and the RED 8K 3D camera.
LUDO is an online education tech company mainly focused on e-learning in sports. By using AI techniques, LUDO is creating a new experience and scenario for users and redesigning online courses to improve interaction with users. LUDO’s body-motion detection technique can differentiate between right and wrong movements, which the company is using to work with teachers to produce interactive online courses. Now, the company is making online courses for fitness and yoga. Tutors will film the courses and set up AI assistants. Users can use their phone or computer to record practice moves and get feedback from the AI assistants. LUDO believes that the online learning experience can be improved and expanded to other fields. It is using AI to accomplish those aims in ways that weren’t previously possible.