AI in the IoT Makes Edge Computing Smarter

This webinar discusses edge computing and the migration of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) from cloud-hosted methodologies to running on IoT and edge devices in the field. When it comes to the internet of things, we all know that everything from your toaster to your car is becoming more connected and intelligent. The cost of hardware is dropping, making performance and computing cheaper and more accessible, especially in the embedded world of IoT. If your fridge has the processing power of your laptop, then why can’t it remind you to buy milk on your way home?

This talk gives an overview of the current market trends and use cases for both IoT and AI and discusses their convergence. It will also deep-dive into the more technical aspects of AI and present practical examples and implementations.



Lukasz Grzymkowski Software Engineer, Arrow

Lukasz Grzymkowski has worked in embedded and IoT as a software engineer, both in startups and corporations, having been with Intel for five years and having recently joined Arrow Electronics. He holds a degree in robotics and is currently pursuing a Ph.D. focused on control theory and artificial intelligence.