Advantages of hardware consolidation for edge computing

There’s a strong trend in today’s world to move more and more functionalities from local computers to the cloud. On the other hand we produce more and more data. Even a perfect 5G mobile infrastructure (which we don’t have yet) will not be able to provide the required bandwidth. Computers which are located at the edge – sometimes faced with rough environments – can help, especially when fast reactions are required.

This webinar explains how rugged, low latency edge device can be designed and also shows how to consolidate different functionalities to single computing devices. Some examples shown in this webinar display successful real live implementations.

Attendees will learn:

  • Cloud vs. edge
  • what about real-time
  • what is hardware consolidation and how to implement it
  • implementations with the real-time hypervisor
  • how to implement the right and scalable hardware

Who should attend:

  • system architects
  • technology deciders
  • product mangers from companies which create connected devices – independently from the vertical segments


Christian Eder Director Marketing, congatec

Christian Eder Dipl.-Ing. (FH) has 30 years of experience in embedded computing.

  • Product manager for industrial computers at Kontron and Force Computers
  • Marketing Manager at JUMPtec and Kontron
  • One of the founders of congatec AG
  • Editor PICMG COM Express standard
  • Editor SGET SMARC 2.0 specification
  • Board member of the SGET consortium
  • Chair PICMG COM-HPC standard