Three Use Cases That Benefit From Machine Control Customizations

With increasing demand for custom products and their life cycle becoming shorter and shorter, controllers and machines must be customizable and scalable.  Machines have to be designed for modularity and controllers need to be able to support different versions of a machine, from low end to high end.  The real-time control platform which is used to develop the kernel of the controller must provide engineers with the capability to add functions that are specific to their company of market.  For the machine builder, the controller itself must provide the capability to add or remove modules, or the selection of the different grades of hardware.  Lastly, the structure of the machine has to be designed in a way to be able to be easily integrated in the factory network and its operator must be able to load and create different tasks to be executed.  The most important thing is customization and KINGSTAR is a machine automation software platform that has been designed specifically with customization in mind.  In this tech brief, we will list the most relevant customization types, describe the KINGSTAR platform and its unique features and then study three different use cases that show how KINGSTAR fits into the customization requirements.