The Renesas RA Family Beginner’s Guide

The Renesas RA Family Beginner’s GuideIn the rapidly growing area of the IoT, the aspect of embedded security takes on an additional significance, as cost-effective, scalable, energy-efficient and easy to configure security solutions are required. For many companies, the first contact with the topic of security can be very challenging, as security is a multifaceted and complex topic that encompasses hardware and software components and must be considered holistically. This means that security cannot be added only at the end of the development process but must be part of the system approach from the very beginning.

In this book, Renesas introduces the RA Family of MCUs offering industry-leading IoT security with software flexibility based on Arm Cortex-M cores with a complete ecosystem from Renesas and our partners. Learn how they can help simplify the development process for your next IoT design.