Soitec’s engineered substrates for 5G

Date: Wednesday, July 01, 2020
Time: 10:00 AM Central European Summer Time

5G will change the daily life of millions of individuals by enabling new services such as autonomous cars securely connected to the cloud; a smarter environment in our home and cities; smarter health connected devices and services; smarter manufacturing; and the democratization of immersive experiences whether for entertainment purposes or at work.

New technologies and products have been developed to meet the more demanding requirements of electronics needed for 5G base stations, smartphones and other connected devices. By collaborating with the leaders of the entire value chain of this industry, Soitec has been designing engineered substrates for over 25 years who have either become or are becoming the industry standards used to build integrated circuits for smartphones, datacenters, automotive and the IoT.

Discover the company’s comprehensive offer of current and new generation of engineered substrates such as RF-SOI, FD-SOI, Piezoelectric-On-Insulator (POI) and Epi GaN to meet energy consumption, reliability and bandwidth capability challenges, as well as performance and integration trade-offs in this one hour interactive webinar.