Maximizing power supply performance while minimizing EMI

Date: Wednesday, June 03, 2020
Time: 02:00 PM Central European Summer Time

Over the past few years the ground swell of interest in Time Sensitive Networking (TSN) and the drive to Industry 4.0 has placed industrial With increasing pressure to meet stringent noise specifications in many industries from automotive to consumer electronics as well as an ever increasing drive to extract the last percentage point of efficiency, it has become ever more important for system designers to first of all understand and secondly be able to implement one of the most fundamental building blocks of any system – the power supply.

At its most basic level, the power supply is well understood but the requirements noted above and the drive to smaller board area means that specific knowledge and experience are needed to meet these tough parameters. This is where the Analog Devices Power by Linear portfolio of low EMI power supplies can help.

This webinar will show how these important measurements are taken as well as the technology used in our power supplies to achieve low EMI and high efficiency, all while still operating in a small solution size. I will also share how you can leverage collateral we provide to help further shorten the design time while still meeting the EMI specifications.