Improving High-Performance RF Designs with Wideband mmWave Synthesizers

Improve your high performance designs with Renesas’ wideband, 18 GHz mmWave RF synthesizer. The 8V97003 device is ideal as a local oscillator (LO) for mmWave and beamforming applications, or a precision reference clock for a high-speed data converter. The device offers excellent AC performance improving system characteristics such as SNR and EVM in radio applications, and SFDR in data converter applications.

This webinar explores:

  • Benefits of using the 8V97003 for 5G and radio applications
  • Key performance testing results
  • Benefits for target applications
  • Tools for rapid prototyping

Andreas Guenther
Marketing Director, Renesas Electronics

Andreas Guenther is a Marketing Director at Renesas and is responsible for RF Timing products. Andreas joined IDT in 2005 as a Marketing Engineer for timing products. Prior to IDT, he worked at Motorola and Freescale in various product, application engineering, and marketing positions. He holds a degree in Physics/Electronic components from the Technical University of Chemnitz.