How to get the most of your BLDC motor with STSPIN32F0 family

During this webinar, we will introduce STSPIN32F0, system-in-package solutions that embed STM32 F0 microcontroller and an advanced driver for  BLDC motors.

We will provide insights about the products characteristics and design tools ecosystem.  Eventually we will share some tricks and tips to implement Field Oriented Control algorithms in different  application cases: appliances, fans and servo control. We will provide guidelines for both hardware and firmware tuning  to move from standard design tools to the real development cases and have your motor spinning in the shortest time.



Francesca Sandrini Technical Marketing Manager, STMicroelectronics SRL

Francesca Sandrini has been working for +20 years in the analog and power products arena in STMicroelectronics, currently technical marketing manager for motor control ICs in EMEA Sales and Marketing organization.