COM-HPC™: the need for a new standard

This paper analyzes how the most modern technologies are demanding a new standard, capable of supporting huge amounts of data. Starting from the great success of PICMG’s standard COM Express™, the new standard defined by PICMG is presented: the COM-HPC™ standard module.

Defined as the evolution of COM Express™, it is the answer to the newest cutting-edge technologies and new business models. This paper exposes the features of the new standard, analyzing both Client and Server versions and introducing SECO’s solutions.

For OEMs, the design of COM-HPC™ carrier boards represents an extremely complex challenge from a variety of angles, from high bus frequency to signal integrity. This translates in the need to design heat dissipation solutions that requires very specific know-how: that’s why it is imperative to choose a comprehensive technological partner able to meet specific needs.