Breakthrough Performance of UnitedSiC 750V Gen 4 SiC FETs

With the introduction of Gen 4 750V SiC FETs based on 750V JFET technology with an R(DS)A of just 0.7mohm-cm2, UnitedSiC FETs offer breakthrough cost-performance options to users in power conversion applications from Datacenters, Telecom Rectifiers, EV On-board Chargers, DC-DC converters, UPS and Solar inverters. All Gen 4 devices can be used with a 0 to 12V gate drive, and feature a 5V V(th) with a +/-20V gate rating and input ESD protection. The excellent third quadrant diode behavior, and ultra-low Qrr makes the device excellent for hard switched applications, and the low Coss(tr) makes it ideal for soft-switched circuits.