Benefits of WeEn’s Merged PN Schottky SiC Diode Technology

WeEn 1200V SiC MPS Diodes are used in high frequency PFC Power Factor Correction circuits in AC/DC Power supplies.

Silicon Carbide (SiC) is widely used as a semiconductor material for making medium/high voltage power semiconductor devices. Its inherent material properties of wide band gap and high thermal conductivity give very useful advantages compared to those of Silicon. For example, SiC devices have benchmark switching performance of much higher frequency and virtually no reverse recovery. Furthermore, this superior and stable switching performance is independent of temperature. SiC diodes are qualified to the higher temperature of 175degC and have a lower thermal resistance. They facilitate physically smaller and more efficient circuit designs. The newest SiC technology is called “Merged PN Schottky (MPS)” and has the great advantage of increased surge current handling capability. Using these latest WeEn SiC (MPS) diodes, the customer benefits are higher efficiency power conversion with lower temperature in the application. WeEn Semiconductors released 650V SiC MPS Diodes, 1200V SiC MPS Diodes and an AEC-Q101 qualified 650V automotive SiC MPS Diode.


Jan Huijink Technical Marketing Manager, WeEn Semiconductors

Most of his career, Jan Huijink has been working in the field of Application Support and Technical Marketing of electronic components, mainly Quartz Crystal Oscillators and Power Semiconductors. The latter include Power Diodes, Thyristors, Transistors and MOSFETS. He has been working for Philips Components, Philips Semiconductors, NXP Semiconductors and WeEn Semiconductors. During extensive travel and numerous customer visits, he gained many insights about customer requirements and the solutions that can be offered.