Simplify designing with multiple sensors - win a Cypress PSoC Pioneer Kit

Mouser Electronics, a worldwide leading authorized distributor of semiconductors and electronic components, is giving away in co-operation with Cypress 10 CY8CKIT-048 PSoC Analog Coprocessor Pioneer Kits.

The Cypress CY8CKIT-048 PSoC Analog Coprocessor Pioneer Kit is for the evaluation and development of the PSoC Analog Coprocessor device family. The kit is a scalable and reconfigurable platform architecture that simplifies designing embedded systems with multiple sensors. The CY8CKIT-048 combines flexible analog front ends, programmable analog filters, and high-resolution analog-to-digital converters. The 32-bit ARM® Cortex®-M0+ signal processing engine allows host processors to easily fetch aggregated, pre-processed, and formatted complex sensor data over serial communication interfaces.

The Kit contents

  • PSoC Analog Coprocessor Pioneer Board
  • USB Standard-A to Mini-B Cable
  • Four Jumper Wires (4" Each)
  • Five Connectors (10x1, (2) 8x1, 6x1 and 4x1)
  • One Metal Disk
  • Quick Start Guide



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